Asinta’s Business Etiquette Insight: Armenia

Intending to conduct new business in Armenia?  We offer the following business etiquette tips to help smooth the way:

 #1 Armenians generally conduct business in a friendly and communicative way, and central to any meeting is the establishment of personal relationships. Your Armenian host will introduce you first to the remainder of those at the meeting, rather than you introduce yourself.  Always arrive punctually although be aware that it is customary for your host to keep you waiting.

 #2 Small talk is part of the business culture but protocol dictates that you allow your host to begin and end any conversation. Interruptions during a meeting are the norm, so do not be offended by this and do not react negatively.  Armenians are sensitive to a direct ‘No’ so adapt your approach accordingly and avoid any directness.

 #3 Negotiations should be conducted in a very careful way and you should be prepared to wait for a decision as these are not usually made immediately. Bargaining is considered acceptable but not always desirable, so proceed accordingly!

If you’d like more information about conducting business in Armenia, do get in touch with Asinta’s Armenian partner, MAI-CEE.