Belarus: Asinta Business Etiquette Insight

Are you planning on doing business in Belarus? Let us help you with a few business etiquette tips to smooth the way.

  1. Personal relationships are very important and establishing a partnership based on trust is essential to conducting business successfully in Belarus. If there is any possibility of a language barrier, make sure you employ a good local interpreter.
  2. Business meetings tend to be low key yet still formal, so make sure you dress smartly. You will be expected to hand out your business cards to everyone in the room at the start of the meeting. These should be printed in English on one side and Russian on the other.  You should address people by their surnames, unless they hold the title of Professor, the only real exception used in Belarus.
  3. Be prepared to adopt a flexible approach with regard to prices and agreements as negotiation and making concessions is considered normal practice. The main aim of your Belarusian colleagues is to feel they have achieved something!  If you have a good product and a fair price, you will most likely succeed although the process may take longer in Belarus than in other countries.  An excellent example of patience being a virtue!