Asinta’s Business Etiquette Insight: Australia

Intending to conduct new business in Australia?  With the help of Asinta’s Australian partner, CA Financial Services Group, we offer the following business etiquette tips to help smooth the way:

#1 Australians have a very matter of fact approach to business; no need for developing personal relationships. They expect direct communication and get down to business quickly with minimal small talk; so be ready to present your business case clearly and succinctly, backed up with hard facts and figures.

#2 Appointments are necessary and relatively easy to schedule, but give as much advance notice as possible. Always be punctual or even a few minutes early and dress conservatively. Meetings are generally conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, but are still considered serious affairs. Negotiations proceed quickly and bargaining is not customary although any decision-making normally involves subordinates so can be a bit slow and protracted.

#3 Companies in Australia are less driven by hierarchy, so there is no obvious distinction between senior/middle management and the rest of the workforce. Respect is gained by good teamwork, contribution and achievement rather than status, so be aware of this and make sure you treat everyone equally.