Coronavirus Update for Employers in Australia

Coronavirus update for employers in AustraliaCases of the coronavirus are mounting in Australia, and according to CA Financial, global workforce managers should know that if employees think they are infected they need to call the national coronavirus health line at 1800 020 080. They can also call Health Direct at 1800 022 222. 

Fiscal Stimulus

Recently the Australian government announced fiscal support for employees and employers. Read the full report (page six has a helpful summary).

Health insurance

  • The public health system handles treatment and testing for COVID-19.
  • The government announced a $2.4 billion package to help create telemedicine appointments and coronavirus pop-up clinics.
  • Because of the global shortage of testing kits, only people who meet certain criteria are tested.
  • Australia’s Medicare Benefit Schedule has the COVID-19 test on its registry.

Life insurance

Advice to employers

  • Prepare to help your employees work offsite in case of office building closures.
  • Review your group travel policies and update them if necessary.
  • Address sick leave policies in case employees need to go into quarantine.

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Asinta’s Australian Partner, CA Financial, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Australia