Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Germany 2022

Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Germany 2022If you want to benchmark employee benefits in Germany in 2022, specifically within the tech, life sciences, management consulting, finance and pharma industries, a good place to start is by requesting this Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Germany – 2022.

Asinta’s German Partner Profion compiled the information so it is easy to understand and gives you a solid footing to help you move forward in your decisions about the benefits you will offer to employees in Germany.

New items for 2022

In this year’s report, there were several updates to mandatory benefit costs (see page 3). Additionally, the section on wider benefit provisions has the following updates on page 4:

  • Fewer and fewer employers require a match but this is not as attractive to employees and often results in a very low adoption rate by employees.
  • Pre-tax employee contributions up to an annual maximum set by law (€564 per month in 2022 is possible).
  • The retirement vehicle is like a whole life policy. There are no investment options based on risk tolerance, the investment is quite conservative with some plans having a guaranteed minimum return of premiums paid plus 1% (with an option to earn more should the economic market conditions be positive).


If you have further questions about employee benefits in Germany, please contact Asinta, and we will connect you with Profion’s local benefits experts.