Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Latvia – 2021

Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Latvia 2021Request Asinta’s Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Latvia to get local employee benefits information that is easy to understand and gives you a solid footing to help you move forward in your decisions about the benefits you want to offer employees in the country.

Inside the report, you’ll find details about benchmarking employee benefits in Latvia, including:

  • Statutory Benefits
  • Insured Benefits
  • Fringe Benefits and Perks
  • Plan Setup
  • Onboarding

The following is an excerpt.


There is a three-tier pension system in Latvia, and the 2nd level deserves the most attention because employers need to pick their pension fund. Commissions, yield, and risk combinations will matter depending on an employee’s age.

1st tier: State compulsory unfunded pension scheme, all persons making social insurance contributions.

2nd tier: State-funded pension scheme, which will eventually be mandatory for all citizens but currently applies to individuals born later than 1971.

3rd tier: Private voluntary pension scheme, through which every individual can contribute additional savings for their pension in private pension funds.

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This information about benchmarking employee benefits in Latvia for 2021 is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in Latvia.