Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Poland – 2021

benchmarking employee benefits in PolandAn easy way to begin benchmarking employee benefits in Poland for 2021 is with this market and benchmark insight report for Poland prepared by Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in the country, MAI CEE. The information is easy to understand and gives you a solid footing to help you move forward in your decisions about the benefits you want to offer employees in Poland.

Inside the report, you’ll find details about benchmarking employee benefits in Poland for 2021 including:

  • Statutory Benefits
  • Insured Benefits
  • Fringe Benefits and Perks
  • Plan Setup
  • Onboarding

The following is an excerpt.

Poland is struggling with significant changes in the labor market. Although just a few years ago, it was more
an employer’s market, now it is employee-driven. The pandemic slowed down the trend in 2020. Employers should also note: 

    • The Polish population is getting older, which means that there will be fewer employees in the job market.
    • A considerable part of the younger population decided to leave and work outside Poland.
    • Ukrainians who move to Poland help close this gap. There are about 1M Ukrainians who primarily work in construction, retail, agriculture, and production.
    • The unemployment rate before COVID-19 was 5.4%, and in April 2021, it was 6.3% which is still low.

Social Insurance System
The Polish social insurance system includes old-age pension, disability and survivors’ pension, sickness, and work accident insurance. But, in general, this system isn’t enough to provide for people who become disabled during their working lives.

    • In Poland, an employee receives a pension due to disability or inability to work. However, it is a basic benefit (minimal amount) and cannot ensure a minimum standard of living.
    • Children of an employee who died receive a minimal pension if the Polish social security system insured the parent.
      The social insurance system consists of:
    • Old-age pension insurance (contributions of €9.76% and EEY 9.76%)
    • Disability and survivor’s pension insurance (contributions of €6.5% and EEY 1.5%)
    • Sickness insurance (contribution of EEY 2.45%)
    • Work accident insurance (contributions of €0.4% – 3.6%)

Benefits paid out of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) are for: 

• Sickness and maternity
• Long-term incapacity for work
• Old-age
• The death of a breadwinner
• Accidents at work and occupational diseases 


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This information about benchmarking employee benefits in Poland is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in the country.