Brazil: Employee Benefits Update

The following update on employee benefits in Brazil was provided to us by Asinta Partner SCIATH.

Legislative and/or Legal Changes:

  • As of January 1, 2016 it is mandatory to present the Brazilian Health National Card number in order to enroll primary beneficiaries and their legal dependents. This complies with the Normative Resolutions no 295/2012 and 361/2014, which were issued by the Brazilian National Health Agency (ANS). The carriers have all updated their forms to include a space for this information.
  • Covered procedures: 21 new procedures have been added to the Brazilian Health Agency List. One of the new procedures includes the fast Dengue and Chikungunya diagnostic tests and exams, which identify the Zika Virus. The Agency has also expanded the number of appointments that a consumer can have with four types of specialists: speech therapist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist and nutritionists. These changes are valid for consumers with health plans hired as of January 1, 1999 and those with plans adjusted to the law no. 9.656/98.

If you have questions regarding employee benefits in Brazil, please get in contact with Asinta Partner in Brazil, Cassio Giometti via SCIATH’s contact page.