Canada: Leveraging Asinta’s Unique Global Partnership

August 29, 2016

Here at Asinta, we have taken the time and care to create a unique global Partnership of independent employee health and welfare consultancies. This unique global Partnership allows our Partners to provide local expert knowledge in employee benefits to their clients in 56 countries around the world. Read on to find out how our Canadian Partner, The Williamson GroupA Cowan Company, was able to leverage this unique Partnership to provide top notch care to one of their clients.

Hartmann Canada Inc.

Hartmann Canada Inc. is a moulded-fibre production company founded in 1917 that produces moulded-fibre egg packaging & machinery, as well as fruit packaging in South America. With over 250 employees based at their Canadian headquarters, Hartmann Canada Inc. has been a client of The Williamson Group for the past sixteen years.

The Problem

When the company recently decided to expand operations to the United States, Hartmann Canada Inc. turned to The Williamson Group for advice. The problem? Opening a new location would, of course, require funding. The funding was set to come in part from a local state grant in the US, but in order to apply for the grant Hartmann Canada Inc. needed to show proof that their business and total rewards plan met certain requirements. Since no employees were hired at that time in the USA, getting a realistic, reliable quote for employee benefits would be difficult, and without such a quote, getting the grant would be impossible.

The Solution: Asinta’s Global Partnership

Thanks to our unique global Partnership, The Williamson Group advisers were able to turn to our Partner in the United States, Alliant, for assistance with their client’s dilemma. Since Alliant is based in and specialized on employee benefits in the USA and also a member of Asinta’s global Partnership, Alliant was able to provide Hartmann Canada Inc. with a realistic, reliable employee benefit plan that fulfilled both the needs of Hartmann Canada Inc. and the necessary state grant requirements.

In the end, everyone was happy: Hartmann Canada was able to put an employee benefits plan in place for their soon-to-be new employees in the USA and apply for their grant; the Williamson Group had the satisfaction of knowing that their client was able to get sound advice from a trusted Asinta Partner; and Alliant was able to successfully help a client solve their dilemma through Asinta’s global strategic Partnership.

Asinta’s Global Network: Becoming A Partner

Are you interested in Partnering with us? Here at Asinta we don’t just let in any employee benefits company – all of our Partners complete a rigorous screening process before they attain Asinta Partner status. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a member of Asinta’s global Partnership, please visit our Partner selection page for more information on our Partner selection process.

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Information for this article came from The Williamson Group’s June newsletter. Thanks again to The Williamson Group for sharing this information with us. For the full text of the original article, please click here.