Canada: Think! 2016 Slide PDFs Are Available

December 23, 2016:

The Williamson GroupA Cowan Company, Asinta’s Partner in Canada has posted the presentation slides from their annual client conference, Think!, on their website.

This year’s conference theme was Talkin’ ‘Bout Our Generation and gave practical and effective strategies to help employers drive performance, spark innovation and build teamwork in today’s multigenerational workforce. The day long conference featured several key speakers, as well as an interactive trade show and a competitive triva game to end the day. Think! 2016 left the audience motivated and enthusiastic about exercising their power of influence to facilitate and promote employee engagement.

Topics Covered Included:

  • Chronic Disease: Bending the Curve
  • Snapshot of the Sanofi Survey
  • Death of the ORPP & Rise of the CPP
  • Hashing Out Your Accomodation Obligations for Medical Marijuana
  • Emerging Trends in Disability

To view or download the slides from any of these presentations, please visit The Williamson Group’s website here.

You can read The Williamson Group’s blog post for a more detailed summary of the event here.