Colombia Begins to Reopen for Business

Colombia business reopenColombia begins to reopen for business with Decreto 636 article 3. The law says some employers can resume business operations if they are part of the 46 activities approved by the Colombian government. The activities these employers participate in are excluded from the mandatory preventive isolation orders for all people in Colombia which was just extended to May 25, 2020.

The employers who can reopen, and who typically offer employee benefits in Colombia, have activities that involve:

  • Assisting with, and providing, health services.
  • Banking, financial, or payment operators.
  • Assisting and care giving for children, teenagers and people over 70.
  • Offer medical international humanitarian help and health agencies including the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).
  • Playing a part in the production, supply, storage, transport, marketing and distribution chain of medicines, pharmaceuticals, supplies, and cleaning products.
  • Providing emergency services, including veterinary emergencies.
  • Providing funeral services, burials, and cremations.
  • The activities of public servants and state contractors that are strictly necessary to prevent, mitigate and attend to the current health emergency.


Asinta’s Colombian Partner, Correcol, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Colombia