Coronavirus Update for Employers in Colombia

coronavirus update for employers in the ColombiaColombian private health insurance covers COVID-19 testing and employees can get it done at the Colombian National Institute of Health. The state healthcare system will pay for treatment and care for COVID-19 if employees don’t have private health insurance.

The Colombian Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, announced the following statistics and measures to combat the pandemic as COVID-19 cases increase in Colombia.

  • Lockdown is expected to last until mid-May and borders remain closed.
  • 11% of the people with COVID-19 identified in Colombia do not have an epidemiological link, putting Colombia in the mitigation stage.
  • The government continues to study and isolate positive cases (by territorial entities).
  • Social distancing measures remain in effect (closure of educational centers, no meetings and no massive events).
  • Children must remain at home until at least April 20, and those over 70, until May 30.

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Asinta’s Colombian Partner, Correcol, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Colombia