Colombia’s AML Documentation is Critical to Enacting Insurance Policies 

Colombia AML employee benefits coverageColombia’s anti-money laundering and terrorism (AML) system is a transparency tool that Colombia’s government agency SARLAFT uses with international companies to ensure their business dealings are fair and legal. A company’s legal representation must complete AML documentation, and the provided information must be thorough and accurate before employee benefit policies can be enacted in the country. Multinational employers often don’t understand this and are surprised to learn incorrect AML paperwork filing is holding back employees’ coverage.

Not getting the fine details right in the AML, such as accurate fingerprinting and completing all the necessary forms the correct way, is challenging. To help employers better understand all that’s involved in the AML process, Asinta’s Colombian Partner Correcol created a video that explains the different components of the AML and gives examples of how to complete the forms.

In the video, you’ll learn about:

  • The mandatory issues to address
  • How to complete the AML forms
  • How to comply with the regulations in the AML

Watch the video


This article about Colombia’s AML process is provided by Correcol, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting partner in the country.