Compassionate Productivity: A Global HR Trend of the Future Work Smart Now

There’s a new book out filled with wisdom about productivity from Asinta’s talented U.S. Partner Richard Polak of Alliant. It’s titled Work Smart Now: How to Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees, and Achieve More.

Whatever way you look at it, getting back to pre-Covid levels will take some time. In addition, the world has changed; and, in many aspects, there is no turning back. There are increased complexities surrounding the new mobile workforce. In this mix, employees are in need of family-friendly benefits. Finally, there are conflicting studies to show if this new mobile workforce paradigm is more or less productive for the employer. Multinational organizations that embrace compassionate productivity, as presented in Work Smart Now by Richard Polak, will be ahead of the curve and certainly ahead of their competition.

The book is based on the premise of five buckets to productivity: absenteeism/presenteeism, well-being, engagement, technology, and optimizing the workday. In each of these chapters, Richard Polak cites studies that support the thesis of how working smart doesn’t necessarily mean working harder. Finally, the data supports that if these tenants are followed for an employer size group of 1000 people, it is fair to conservatively estimate an increase of $330 million in revenue, without adding to staff nor increasing the workload. It’s simply taking advantage of what is already there right in front of your eyes. The book is designed for CEOs and heads of HR plus the benefits professional. It lays out the means and justification for the employer to add the position of Director of Productivity. This is an essential position to increase productivity by following the tenants of the book. There’s no guessing in this book. It is all supported by data from many reliable sources.

About the author
Richard Polak is a global HR consultant who has worked in 90 countries.  His new book is now available on Amazon: Work Smart Now: How to Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees, and Achieve More