Coronavirus Update for Employers in Lithuania

Coronavirus update for employers in LithuaniaEmployees needing COVID-19 testing and medical care can receive it in Lithuania’s government-run medical facilities free of charge. Supplemental health insurance generally does not cover pandemics. However, some insurance companies have made exceptions to reimburse the diagnosis of acute upper respiratory infection suspected, or caused by, the coronavirus, consultation related to the virus, testing, and preventive measures (disinfectants, medical masks). This reimbursement falls under private health insurance’s category of ‘open limit/medical services.’

Employee wage subsidies

Under certain conditions an employer may qualify for subsidies from the government’s Guarantee Fund if employees become idle due to the pandemic. Subsidy amounts depend on how much of a company’s activities are impacted by COVID-19 and range from:

  • 70% of the employee’s wage, but not more than EUR 910.5 gross (for a full month of idle time, otherwise reduced proportionately),
  • Or 90% of the employee’s wage, but not more than EUR 607 gross (for a full month of idle time, otherwise reduced proportionately).

Employers must maintain employment of at least 50% of employees put on idle time for at least 3 months after the subsidy payments stop.

Life Insurance

COVID-19 related deaths are covered.

Travel insurance

Coverage is normally valid under the rules for all illnesses except the illness for which the pandemic is declared, i.e. coronavirus. So, if a traveler on or after March 11, 2020 (when the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic) went to a hospital for suspected coronavirus, and was diagnosed with COVID-19, the cost of treating COVID-19 disease will NOT be reimbursed.


This coronavirus update for Lithuanian employers is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s Lithuanian Partner.