Coronavirus Update for Employers in Sweden

Söderberg & Partners providedIn Sweden, employees are all offered free testing by the country’s social security system. If they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19, they are to call 1177.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information below answers questions many employers have, and Söderberg & Partners website has more detailed information in English.

Is there an EAP program offered through any of the carriers? If so, can you provide the contact information for the provider and the coverage?

EuroAccident provides long term disability, and also has an EAP program. The phone number is 0771-10 50 15. Call support is open 24 hours a day, every day. The call is received by a social worker or crisis manager who puts you in touch with the right skills. This applies from 08:00 to 19:00 every weekday.

Can the employer unilaterally decide that employees that has been in risk areas and potentially have been exposed to the virus shall work from home?

Yes! As a part of the working environmental work, to secure a safe and sound working environment for the employees, many employers demands that employees that has been in risk areas shall work from home during a period of 14 days after coming home. The employer can within the frame of work management right, order their employees to work from a different physical place. If the employer is ordering the employee to work from home or to not be at the office, salary will be paid as usual. Our recommendation is the all employees that has been in risk areas shall work from home for 14 days after homecoming.

Can the employee demand to work from home, or stay home? If the reason is a concern to get infected at the working space or office?

No! The starting point is that the employee has no right to work from home, due to concerns of getting infected. But there is nothing that prevents the employer to admit this. Many of our employee has good opportunities to work from home. If you are very concerned about getting infected(for example if you have reduced inside defense or are a part of another risk group) we recommend you to talk to your manager to discuss the situation and the possibilities to solve it. Our recommendation is that all employee that has been to risk areas shall work from home for 14 days after coming home, to secure that infections doesn’t reach the workplace, neither through staff nor through clients.

Can the employer demand the employee to inform if he or she has been in a risk area?

Yes! There are limitations regarding what kind of questions, an employer can ask his employees, but the employer has a statutory obligation to work for a safe working environment and our assessment are that we have the right to demand that the employee inform the employer if he or she has been in affected areas. It can as a part of the working environment work, under certain circumstances, be an obligation for the employer to ask such questions.

Can an employee refuse to travel on duty?   

No, if it’s a part of the work description and normal working duties, for the employee to travel at work, and the employee choose not to travel, (without the permission from the employer) it can be an order refusal.

Employer Resources

Public Health Agency of Sweden

1177 website

COVID-19 hotline: 1177

This coronavirus update for employers in Sweden is provided by Söderberg & Partners.