UAE: Healthcare: Crowdfunding Financial Aid on the Rise in the

A large number of medical patients in the United Arab Emirates are turning to crowdfunding in an effort to secure financial aid for their medical expenses. While crowdfunding is relatively new to the Middle East, it’s been largely restricted to fund more entrepreneurial ventures. This trend to use a platform to support medical costs is dangerous as it may lead to delayed treatment and inadequate funds.

“Businesses not only have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are covered, but to provide proper coverage so that all healthcare needs are met in the event of an emergency. This will prevent patients from resorting to outside sources of funding for critical care.” Duncan Crerar, Director of Corporate Solutions at Nexus Group, Asinta’s Partner in the UAE

Mr. Crerar also hopes that the new medical insurance regulations will put an end to this trend. Read the entire article here to learn more about the importance of having an effective healthcare plan for your employees.