Employee Benefit Trends in India

Employee Benefit Trends in IndiaEmployee benefit trends in India include shifts in voluntary protection, questions around pandemic coverage, and how integrated healthcare is taking shape in the country. Additional trends include advancements in home care that tie in with work from home strategies, as well as more emphasis on mental well-being.

As with many countries around the world, these changes are an outcome from the Covid-19 outbreak, and in India, the total reported cases as of November 5, 2020 was roughly 7.6 million people.

Some other statistics for the country as they relate to Covid-19 and health insurance include:

  • Claims under insurance – .45 million
  • Claimed amount – US$903 million
  • Settled claims count ­­– .3 million
  • Settled amount – US$386 million
  • Average claimed vs average settled ­ US$2,061 vs US$1,269
  • Covid-19 deduction vs. normal deduction – 37% vs 15%

Three key health ecosystem stakeholders are heavily impacted by the current Covid-19 crisis:

  • Healthcare providers – There’s a massive decline in elective surgeries (-80% during the first three lockdowns), shifts in ailment patterns, reduced OPD visits, and supply chain disruption.
  • Insurance companies – There are difficulties in projecting claims, higher premium rates for benefit covers, discounting on indemnity covers, decline in investment comfort, and a higher uptake of retail health/voluntary/1st time buyers.
  • Healthcare aggregators – These groups are getting traction from corporations.

India is also experiencing a paradigm shift in telemedicine and virtual wellness. Furthermore, the country is experiencing an evolution in market-linked well-being strategies and integrated healthcare platforms.


This information about employee benefit trends in India is provided by Prudent, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting partner in India.