Employee Perks in the Czech Republic

Employee Perks in the Czech RepublicEmployee perks in the Czech Republic are the richest within the pharmaceutical, IT and automotive sectors. Location can also impact the breadth and depth of a Czech employee perk program as well.

Key employee perks in the Czech Republic have remained the same for several years, but large employers are working intensively on implementing new perks as the unemployment rate is quite low and companies are constantly looking for new staff.

Perks differ by location and industry, but typical perks include:

Additional One Week of Holiday

Four weeks is the standard holiday and adding one more week is becoming more and more popular.

Meal Vouchers

The typical practice is the employer contributes 55% of the value of the voucher and the rest is paid by the employee.

Supplementary Pension

Employer contribution is usually set as a percentage of the salary (typically 3%) and employees contribute a flat amount. The system is supported by tax incentives and state contribution to employee ́s pension. This is a very common perk.

Group Insurance

Group insurance usually covers all staff and types of risk including death from any cause, AD&D, LTD and several other possible riders
(e.g., critical illness).

Other typical employee perks include

  • Gym memberships
  • Mass transit benefits (customary for larger cities)
  • Salary continuation plans (in case of longer absence from work)
  • Language courses
  • Employee loans
  • Additional salary (usually a 13th and 14th month, before summer and before the year’s end)
  • Discounts on company products • Holiday allowance
  • Employee liability insurance


This information about employee perks in the Czech Republic is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s employee benefit consulting Partner in the country.