Coronavirus Update for Employers in France

Coronavirus Update for Employers in France

In France, death, disability, and health insurance covers COVID-19 related claims fully. If disability is due to reduced activity, the key rule is that premium and claims are at 70% of former base salary. So in theory, there is no direct impact on loss ratio.

Short-term disability, sick leave and travel benefits

  • The French government provides short-term disability benefits for quarantined people, wether they are infected or not, up to 20 days (for employees and in the case of taking care of quarantined children).
  • Regarding sick leave the government has issued a measure that parents confined with children younger than 16 could apply for sick leave and be covered by Social Security. Lately, insurers said they will not cover their share of that sick leave, as employees are not sick.
  • Global travel insurance coverage depends on the credit card, or contract. However, coverage for pandemics is not typical.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website has helpful COVID-19 reference information.


Asinta’s French Partner, Gerep, provided this coronavirus update for employers in France. In accordance with the French Government’s mandates, Gerep’s entire staff is telecommuting and service to their clients remains uninterrupted. They also enacted a daily COVID-19 steering committee to ensure service is uninterrupted as the situation in France evolves.