German Employee Benefit Trends for 2020

German Employee Benefit Trends 2020German employee benefits trends for 2020 were revealed in this webinar presented by Asinta’s German Partner Profion last week. The presentation covered everything from how different generations are impacting benefits to helpful benchmarking data.

Specific German employee benefit trends for 2020 include:

  • Digitalization – This is happening across every sphere of life, even the courts are digitalizing. This means increased digital recruitment, and onboarding online has also increased. Telemedicine is also increasing.
  • Younger generations – Companies are adapting to the needs of Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Wellness & well-being – Employers are focusing on financial and mental well-being because it is becoming more important to employees.
  • Family & occupations – To contribute to better work-life balance employers are increasing the use of flexible working hours and the possibility to work from anywhere.

The webinar also covers more details about theses German employee benefit trends in Germany and also :

  • Some basic benchmarking data.
  • Why there is no need for supplemental health benefits in Germany.
  • Common benefit levels for life insurance and disability
  • Employer contributions for occupational pensions.

You can get more German market insights in this Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Germany — 2020. This detailed overview of mandatory and supplementary employee benefits in Germany can also help you understand the basics of offering benefits in this country.