Global Employee Benefits Strategy: Eight Essential Factors for Success

Global Employee Benefits Strategy: Eight Essential Factors for SuccessAsinta Partners recommend considering eight factors when developing a global employee benefits strategy. Theses elements impact costs, employee satisfaction, as well as tax ramifications for the company and employees. And remember, these questions remain the same no matter the country. The answers, however, will always be different.

Asinta’s Global Benefits Strategy Essentials

1.   Minimums – Which benefits and benefit levels are legally required or mandatory?

2.     Most Common – What benefits are commonly offered?

3.     Benchmarking – What are the industry benchmarks?

4.    Inherited – Would inherited benefits be appreciated or not?

5.    Harmony – How can I create a global benefit standard?

6.    Culture – Which benefits do the local culture expect and appreciate?

7.    Local or Expat – Am I employing local employees, third country nationals, or both?

8.    Taxes – What tax implication does each benefit have?

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