Hungary’s Work-Life and Caregiving Legislation Passed

Hungary’s Work-Life Balance and Caregiving LegislationTo align itself with the European Union Directive No. 2019/1158, Hungary’s work-life and caregiving legislation gives leave rights to parents and caregivers, doubles paternity leave, and gives employees the right to request flexible work arrangements. The law became effective on January 1, 2023.

According to RSM, a tax accounting and payroll provider in Hungary, employers should pay the closest attention to the following elements of the law.

  • Changes to the rules of evidence relating to violations of the prohibition of abuse of rights
  • New deadlines in the Labour Code for giving notice of termination and on changes in the employer
  • New obligations for employers to provide information
  • Changes to employees’ obligation to be available for work
  • Termination without cause but with an obligation to give a reason
  • New types of leave: paternity leave and parental leave
  • Flexible work arrangements for employees raising children

More details about Hungary’s work-life and caregiving legislation are available on the RSM website.


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