Insurance is Cash Before Cover in India

Insurance is cash before cover in IndiaEmployers should note that insurance is cash before cover in India. With a lockdown enacted today, this means checks cannot be delivered to insurers. Global workforce managers need to make sure insurance policy payments are completed via electronic funds transfer to avoid gaps in employees’ coverage.

The lockdown means people must stay in their homes and all non-essential services must close until March 31st. The national rail system cancelled all train services from today until March 31st as well, with international commercial flights banned until March 29th.

Insurance carriers are operating

The insurance sector is considered an essential service and is allowed to operate. However, most insurers are now permitting only essential employees (medical claim processors primarily) to come to work. Some are working in staggered shifts to minimize contact or closing offices altogether.

Asinta’s Partner in India, Prudent provided this update. The Prudent team is available on email and cell phones,ready to assist their clients any time of the day or night. This previous article provides more information about what coverage for the coronavirus looks like in India.


This article about insurance is cash before cover in India is one in a series to offer global workforce managers ways to support their employees through COVID-19.