Italy: Life Insurance: 2020 Benefit Increases for Life Insurance in Industrial Sector

France: Compliance: Retirement: Likely Impacts of EU Mobility Directive on Supplementary Pension SchemesEffective date: January 1, 2020

Information provided by De Besi – Di Giacomo, Asinta’s Partners in Italy.

Italian employee benefits are structured by industry and the employee’s position within the hierarchy of a company. For the 2020 renewal of the collective agreement for the industrial sector, executive coverage for life insurance is rising to €200,000 for a single employee and €300,000 for executives with dependents. This is up from €150,000 and €220,000 respectively.

Asinta Partner Alessandro De Besi says, “Currently these changes apply only to the industrial sector, although it is very likely that within the next year or so changes could occur in the commerce sector as well.”