Market Guide for Employee Benefits in Japan 2020

mandatory employee benefits in JapanThis Asinta report gives you an overview of mandatory employee benefits in Japan as well as common, supplementary benefits. Inside you’ll also learn about the Japanese benefits marketplace and employee expectations regarding their benefits package. Typical benefit design and costs are covered as well, and so are descriptions of how different insurance policies are set up, and how onboarding and policy administration works.

An example of what’s inside…

Mandatory employee benefits in Japan

Japan has four different kinds of insurance systems which companies are legally obliged to engage in. All workers that meet certain criteria are covered by the insurance.

  1. Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance – This covers any illness or injury at work or while commuting to or from work.
  1. Unemployment Insurance – This provides for workers that become unemployed and helps to maintain stable employment by providing financial aid and subsidies.
  1. Health Insurance and Nursing Care Insurance – These cover medical and nursing care expenses incurred by workers.
  1. Employees’ Pension Insurance – This provides benefits for old age, death or disability.

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This information about mandatory employee benefits in Japan is provided by Cornes &  Company, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in the country.