Netherlands: Healthcare: Compliance: Basic Benefits Package Expanded for 2018

Netherlands: Healthcare: Compliance: Basic Benefits Package Expanded for 2018It is mandatory for all people living and working in the Netherlands to have the basic health insurance package. The Netherland government is responsible for ammending the basic package as needed on a yearly basis, and can also add treatments or medications regularly throughout the year as needed.

The basic package can be provided by a number of different insurance companies, but each company is obligated to provide the coverage to anyone who applies (regardless of lifestyle or pre-existing conditions). Children under the age of 18 pay no premiums for coverage and low-income earners may be eligible for assistance to help pay for their coverage. All others pay a nominal premium plus an income-adjusted contribution for this standard package.

The basic health insurance package in the Netherlands will be expanded again starting on January 1, 2018. The following treatments will be added to the list of covered services:

  • Patients with hip or knee joint arthritis will receive the first 12 sessions of exercise therapy free of charge.
  • Patients receiving immune therapy treatments for cancer will receive an allowance to help pay for their transportation costs to and from treatment sessions.

No treatments will be removed in 2018.

Do you have questions regarding the upcoming changes to the basic package? You can get connected with Asinta Partner in the Netherlands, Schouten Zekerheid, via their contact page.