Netherlands: Changes to Health Insurance in 2017

January 17, 2017:

Asinta’s Partner in the Netherlands, Shouten Zekerheid, has recently published a listing of the main changes to health insurance in the Netherlands in 2017 on their website. These changes include:

  • Premium Increase: Virtually all insurers have announced that contributions for health insurance will increase in 2017.
  • No Deductible Increase: For the first time since 2008, the deductible for health insurance will not be increasing. The deductible amount will remain 385€.
  • Basic Package Extensions: The basic package will be extended once again. The new covered items in the basic package will include: select operations on the upper eyelid, breast prosthesis for women & trans women who have no breast growth, medically necessary circumcision, physiotherapy/remedial therapy for patients with claudication (pain caused by narrowed arteries in the leg), impants for young people lacking permanent incisors and canines, and shelter & care costs for people who are temporarily not able to live at home for medical reasons (such as after treatment in a hospital).
  • More Options for Reimbursement without a Deductible: As of January 1, 2017 insurers will be able to receive reimbursements without charging a deductible for dietetic foods prescribed on prescription by a doctor or dietitian, and for specific care programs to make patients healthier. It is up to each insurer to decide if they will not charge the deductible on these new items.
  • NIPT Test: In 2017, every pregnant woman will be able to have the NIPT test (non invasive pregnancy test) partially reimbursed by the government (285€). The test screens for the three most common types of fetal chromosomal abnormalities: Down’s Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome & Patau Syndrome.

If you have questions regarding any of these upcoming changes to health insurance in the Netherlands, you can get into contact with Asinta’s Partner and local expert Shouten Zekerheid via their contact page.

You can read the original article regarding changes to health insurance in the Netherlands in 2017 on their website (in Dutch).