Paid Vacation Days in Mexico Increase by 6 Days

Paid vacation days in Mexico Paid vacation days in Mexico are few compared to many other countries. Recently the Mexican government made headway in improving work-life balance for employees with legislation that provides six additional days of paid time off. The reform was published in the Official Journal of the Federation on December 27th, 2022, and went into effect on January 1st, 2023.

Although the Vacation Premium amount itself has not been modified, employers should be aware that in addition to the cost of six more days of paid vacation, this change will increase their premium payment costs as well, which is 25% of an employee’s salary for each paid day off. For example, if an employee makes $10 a day, they make an additional $2.50 for a vacation day. The Vacation Premium does not apply to mandatory rest days and bank holidays.

According to the National Law Review, the bill sets out the accrual for paid vacation days as outlined in the table below.

Former Leave Accrual New Leave Accrual
Years Worked Vacation Days Years Worked Vacation Days
1 6 days 1 12 days
2 8 days 2 14 days
3 10 days 3 16 days
4 12 days 4 18 days
5 to 9 14 days 5 20 days
10 to 14 16 days 6 to 10 22 days
15 to 19 18 days 11 to 15 24 days
20 to 24 20 days 16 to 20 26 days
25 to 29 22 days 21 to 25 28 days
30 to 34 24 days 26 to 30 30 days
31 to 35 32 days


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