Portugal: Partner Update: Asinta Adds VISAVIS as Portuguese Partner

Portugal: Partner Update: Asinta Adds VISAVIS as Portuguese PartnerAsinta proudly announces the newest addition to its Partnership, VISAVIS, which means being face to face with the client, building close relationships, preserving an open dialog and investing in solid partnerships to achieve mutual goals.

Headquartered in Lisbon, VISAVIS has been operating since 2004. With their client portfolio focused on multinational and large local companies, they act as a trusted, independent insurance broker and risk management advisor to over 400 corporate clients.

“There is a lot of synchronicity between VISAVIS and the other Asinta Partners because we are a broker of reference for employee benefits in our country, and our team has wide-ranging experience with local and global clients,” says Pedro Carranço, Chief Commercial Officer for VISAVIS. “We are pleased to meet Asinta’s high standards for Partnership admission, and know our approach in serving multinational clients will strengthen the Partnership that much more.”

Global employee benefit managers can be assured that above and beyond having local expertise in the Portuguese market, VISAVIS truly understands multinational clients’ needs. Employers can expect that Portugal’s benefit norms will be explained to them in a way that is contextually relevant to them, and many times, have their questions answered before they need to ask.

If you need assistance with your benefits program in Portugal, let us know, and we will put you in touch with the global employee benefits team at VISAVIS.