Spain: Coronavirus Update for Employers in Spain

Coronavirus update for employers in SpainAsinta’s Spanish Partner, SARE, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Spain.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain has surged as of March 10, 2020 to at least 1,622. It is seeing a similar growth rate to that of Italy. According to SARE global workforce managers should also know that:

  • Declared epidemics are an exclusion for most private health insurance policies.
  • Some carriers are informing their insureds that 1) insureds have access to the usual medical services, 2) that carriers will cover all tests and medical services (associated with the policy and within the policy terms) 3) their medical network is adequately prepared for COVID-19.
  • Carriers also call out that if the World Health Organization (WHO) increases COVID-19’s level to a pandemic, confirmed cases would follow the official medical protocol as established by the Ministry of Health and the corresponding health authorities.
  • If an employee sees a doctor in a private medical office for coronavirus symptoms they will be transferred to a public medical facility, as is protocol, and social security pays for the care (regardless of private health insurance).

Advice to employers

  • Companies are taking steps to reduce the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on their business. Requiring employees to work from home and cancelling business trips are likely scenarios.
  • Employees are encouraged to follow standard hygiene protocols such as thorough hand washing.
  • Take the time to study measures to help the business and employees manage the situation.

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This coronavirus update for employers in Spain is one of a series dedicated to helping global workforce managers navigate the evolving challenges brought on by COVID-19. Expect regular articles such as this from the Asinta Partnership as the global impact of the coronavirus unfolds.