Coronavirus Update for Employers in Spain

Coronavirus update for employers in SpainIn mid-March Spain nationalized all private hospitals, and health care providers, meaning employees can get COVID-19 testing at private hospitals and their employer-sponsored health benefits will cover it as long as the care follows certain protocols. These protocols were established by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumer and Social Welfare, and other relevant health authorities. Health providers work with these authorities to comply with the protocols.

Life insurance

Most insurers provide coverage in the case of death from coronavirus, even if pandemics are excluded under the policy wording. However, checking each policy’s wording and carrier information is recommended.

Advice to employers

  • Most companies already require employees to work from home.
  • Suspend travel.
  • Employees are encouraged to follow standard hygiene protocols such as thorough hand washing.

Helpful resources


Asinta’s Spanish Partner, SARE, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Spain.