Spain: Perks: Customary Employee Benefit Perks in Spain

Spain: Employee Perks: Customary and Trending Employee Benefit Perks in SpainThis article about employee benefit perks in Spain is provided by Asinta’s Spanish Partner SARE.

The primary benefits offered by Spanish companies include health insurance, life insurance and pension schemes. Employers are broadening their benefit offerings with perks to help support a multigenerational workforce, employees seeking work/life balance and to help improve the overall health of their workforces. Another reason perks are offered is to build employee loyalty for the company since the younger generation is much more mobile.

The corporate tendency towards perks is to have a:

  • Global approach toward healthy humans and healthy company
  • Greater commitment to employees and society
  • Wider consideration of occupational health (physical, emotional, healthcare in the personal and in the professional life), and a healthy workplace (healthy body/healthy mind)
  • Program that includes fixed benefits and flexible benefits

Spanish perks typically include the following elements.

Tax saving benefits– Also offered through a flex retribution scheme (pre-tax salary) and include:

  • Lunch vouchers (€220 per month 11 months a year)
  • Public Transport tickets (€1.500 /year, from home to work )
  • Kindergarten (0-3 years of age) without limits
  • Professional training/language courses (exempted under personal tax if training is directly related to the employee job)
  • Stock options (under special buying conditions)
  • Cars (tax exempted up to 20% of car market value applying percentage of working use)

Discounts– Fulfilled by a third-party benefits provider which typically offer discounts for

  • Daycare
  • Shopping discounts
  • Gym discounts
  • Travel Agencies discounts
  • Restaurants
  • Larger companies offer in house facilities for kindergarten, physiotherapy, gyms, and paddle/tennis/table tennis courts

Health programs– To support the primary goal of healthy employees.

  • Emotional and labor wellness programs
  • For general wellness:
    • Specific prevention programs for reducing stress and heart attacks, smoking cessation, cholesterol reduction, and increasing healthy eating habits (nutrition workshops, healthy vending machines)
    • Sports life (sports competition initiatives, challenges, running)
    • Yoga classes and health coaching services

Work/Life Balance Benefits– These are highly valued perks and include:

  • Flex schedules and teleworking (flex space)
  • Extra maternity/paternity leave on top of the minimum legal requirement.
  • Family care: reimbursement or paid time off for care of family and dependents
  • Additional holiday paid off (Flex time or Flex summer)
  • Free Fridays all year
  • Flex leave for 1 year

Mobility– Through products that “bring the employee nearer the office.”

  • Travel passes
  • Car reimbursement/car leases
  • Motorbike reimbursement/ motorbike leases
  • Company mobile phone

Professional development– Through products that help employees’ professional improvement.

  • General training
  • Language courses
  • Specific job training
  • New technology training

Dependency assistance

  • Home assistance
  • Teleassistance
  • Convalescence assistance


  • Specific company agreements with financial institutions for special conditions on individual products