Coronavirus Update for Employers in Switzerland

Coronavirus Update for Employers in SwitzerlandGlobal workforce managers looking for a coronavirus update for employers in Switzerland will appreciate the details included here.


Medical costs in connection with COVID-19 are covered by the Swiss federal healthcare system. Medical costs do not affect the employer. People in need of help or assistance should reach out to their health insurance carrier or their doctor. All major health insurers also provide telemedicine services and there are state-run hotlines too.

Working from home and paid leave

The Swiss federal council has declared an ‘extraordinary state’ that started March 17, 2020. This means that employers must, wherever possible, let employees work from home or grant paid leave if they are infected and put on quarantine. Persons belonging to the risk groups (65+ or with pre-existing conditions that could make a COVID infection more severe like pulmonary diseases, immuno-suppressed persons etc.) are advised to stay home. Also, employers and employees both should take all measures and precautions issued by the state.


This coronavirus update for employers in Switzerland is one of a series dedicated to helping global workforce managers navigate the evolving challenges brought on by COVID-19. Expect regular articles such as this from the Asinta Partnership as the global impact of the coronavirus unfolds.