Trends in Spain’s Group Health, Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance Policies

Trends in Spain’s Group HealthSpain’s group health, life and long-term disability insurers either have, or are already, shifting their policies and/or rates because of COVID-19.

Group health insurers maintain government protocols for COVID-19 testing on certain risk groups and provide coverage to all insureds affected. Although pandemics are excluded in most health policies, this has not been applied for COVID-19, and all necessary medical services are covered.

Also, new health policies are showing no variation in either premiums or coverage.

Group Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability

Before the pandemic began, some life insurance companies excluded pandemics in their policy language. They have since waved this exclusion. However, two changes are taking place for new policies:

  • Exclusions ­– Some insurers are introducing pandemic exclusions in their policy wordings so it is important to review these wordings and have negotiations about it.
  • Renewal – Soft market premiums are becoming more common because many insurers want to attract new customers. Policy rates are therefore being discounted, so before renewing existing policies, make sure to negotiate the conditions of renewal.

Returning to Work

As of June 1st, 70% of Spain’s provinces are beginning to reopen and phase three reopening should be complete by the end of the month.

Currently most employees who work for service companies are working remotely, and these employers are taking a gradual approach, using the Ministry of Health’s maximum precautionary measures, in bringing employees back to the office. The measures require a slow, safe, flexible return depending on the needs of the company, taking into account the threat of COVID-19, and creating minimal risk to its employees.

At the present, all measures recommended by the Ministry of Health are being met by society. This includes the use of masks in public places, social distancing, personal hygiene, telework recommendations, and giving priority to the groups of greatest risk among others is being met by most of society.


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