Coronavirus Update for Employers in the UK

Coronavirus Update for Employers in the UKThis coronavirus update for employers in the UK is provided by Asinta’s UK Partner, Howden

Please refer to Howden’s COVID-19 employee benefit resource page for the most recent information.



Since Tuesday of this week, the 4 UK CMOs (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) have been actively advising the UK government. What is clear is that by next week, you will most likely see further measures enacted restricting large gatherings and non-essential travel. Also, the military may be deployed to certain areas of the UK for more widespread management of the situation. On March 6, 2020, a global instruction was issued stating only business-critical travel should be undertaken for the foreseeable future.

Any employee that suspects they contracted the coronavirus should call NHS 111 and be prepared to self-quarantine. This may mean staying indoors and avoiding contact with other people for up to 14 days. If the virus is spreading quickly, the government will tell whole households to self-quarantine if anyone in the home has symptoms.

Impact on healthcare facilities

  • Some doctors’ offices are closing for two weeks due to outbreaks in their communities.
  • Some hospitals are closed to non-emergency admissions.

Insights on benefits and COVID-19

  • The UK PMI carriers are not covering COVID-19 as a first-line condition. There may be other claims made for conditions which are covered, when due to an underlying health condition, a patient may then contract COVID-19.
  • Statutory sick pay is available from day 1, instead of day 4, when self-isolating.

Information Resources

There are a number of helpful resources in place which provide more information. They include COVID-19 guidance from the government and the national health system. Also, this website provides guidance for people in the UK who think they may have COVID-19.


This article is one of a series dedicated to helping global workforce managers navigate the evolving challenges brought on by COVID-19. Expect regular articles such as this from the Asinta Partnership as the global impact of the coronavirus unfolds.