Coronavirus Update for Employers in the Ukraine

coronavirus update for employers in the Ukraine­­­­Ukraine’s national healthcare system covers COVID-19 testing and treatment meaning employer-sponsored employee benefits will not be applied to such claims. Most private health insurers exclude coverage for COVID-19 because it is declared a ‘serious infectious disease’ by the Ministry of Health. However, a lot of insurers still try to help employees after a COVID-19 diagnosis. For example, treatment is arranged by the state, but insurers may provide coverage for additional medicines which may be limited in state clinics.

  • COVID-19 testing and treatment is available in state hospitals for free, and done according to strict doctor recommendations.
  • As for private clinics, some offer testing, but few private hospitals offer treatment. Getting COVID-19 testing or care in the private setting is not covered by insurance and if done, is expensive.
  • Some Insurers have developed specific insurance products for COVID-19.

Life insurance

  • Most life insurance policies do NOT exclude COVID-19 from coverage (for such risks as death or disability from any reason).

Advice to employers

  • Encourage employees to stay calm and trust only official information concerning the spread of COVID-19 and respective protective measures.
  • Employers should encourage standard virus protection protocols like thorough handwashing.
  • To arrange remote work for those businesses where possible.

Ukrainian government mandates

  • The government announced strict quarantine measures first till April 24, 2020, and then prolonged the term to May 11, 2020. After this date the government is expected to ease some restrictions (visiting parks and squares, opening some shops and public places).
  • All flights within Ukraine and abroad are cancelled, as well as train and bus connections. Public transport within the cities is also eliminated with the exception of transportation of certain workers from the important spheres (medical personnel, police, workers from grocery stores and pharmacies).
  • The government designated particular medical institutions to combat COVID-19. At the beginning of the epidemic Ukraine had 12,000 beds in infectious hospitals, 2,000 infectious disease doctors and 5,000 other healthcare workers working in infectious hospitals and other settings prepared to handle infectious disease. Currently the Ministry of Health is considering how to use some other hospitals to accept COVID-19 patients.

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Asinta’s Ukrainian Partner, MAI CEE, provided this coronavirus update for employers in the Ukraine.