Asinta Welcomes Japan’s Cornes & Company as Newest Global Employee Benefits Partner

employee benefits in JapanAsinta is pleased to welcome Japan’s Cornes & Company to the Asinta global employee benefits Partnership. The company services inbound multinational business and is among the top three insurance brokers in Japan in this category by premium volume under management. Serving clients’ insurance needs since 1864, Cornes provides insurance consulting to over 700 corporate clients operating in Japan. Multinational corporations make up 80% of Cornes’ client base whose sizes range from 15 to 800 employees.

Cornes already has a long, productive relationship with Asinta’s U.S. Partner, Alliant Employee Benefits which makes the firm a natural fit for the Partnership. “The Japanese culture appreciates long-term relationships and trust so that’s where we felt there was synchronicity with the Asinta Partnership as a whole based on our experience with Alliant. We also joined the Partnership because we feel comfortable with Asinta’s vision of assisting and working with multinational corporations,” says Simon Wallington, Managing Director for Cornes & Company.

Headquartered in Tokyo, the firm provides employee benefits consulting for personal accident insurance, overseas travel accident insurance, worker’s compensation, healthcare, life, and long-term disability insurance. Cornes has 18 employee benefits consultants on staff who are bilingual in English and Japanese. These team members manage employee benefits for 200+ corporate clients and are licensed to work with both Japanese and foreign insurers operating in Japan. Like all Asinta Partners, Cornes presents employee benefit insurances in English, in a manner that is easy to understand, and is benchmarked against the client’s industry norms.

If you need assistance with employee benefits in Japan, let us know, and we will put you in touch with the global employee benefits team at Cornes.