Australia: Benchmarking: Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Australia — 2018

Australia: 2018 Employee Benefit Benchmarks: Competitive benefit norms for mid-market employers in AustraliaFor over 35 years CA Financial Services has been assisting employers with the construction and management of their employee benefits in Australia. They understand the importance of helping employees feel connected to their organization and the investments made for their future.

CA Financial Services is regularly asked by multinational employers to benchmark Australian employee benefits and created this Market and Benchmark Insight Report for Australia to provide the essential information you need to move forward in your decisions about employee benefits in the country. The report reviews statutory benefits, insured benefits, fringe benefits and perks, plan setup, and onboarding.

to provide such guidance. The report covers:

  • The Australian Benefits Landscape — Benefits Menu, Mandatory Requirements, and Employment Law

  • Typical Benefit Design and Cost

  • Adviser Remuneration


If you have questions about employee benefits in Australia, please contact Asinta and we will put you in touch with CA Financial Services.