Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Albania – 2021

benchmarking employee benefits in Albania

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The following is an excerpt.

Annual Leave

The Albanian labor code governs annual vacations and provides a minimum paid annual leave of no less than four calendar weeks in one year (pro-rata for those who have worked less than one year). To calculate annual leave, sick time is considered as working time. An employer determines when an employee takes annual leave and considers the employee’s preferences. The employee is obliged to give the employer at least 30 days prior notice of the dates for his annual leave. Moreover, in cases where the employee receives a salary that includes contribution in kind (e.g., accommodation, food, and travel expenses), a bonus equal to the contribution in kind, e.g., travel expenses for homeward travel, is awarded. A decision of the Council of Ministers sets out the method of calculation for such additional contributions.

Under the labor code provisions, “Annual leave must be given during the working year or within the first three months of the consecutive year, but in no case may it be less than one calendar week without interruptions. The right to annual leave which has accrued but has not been (awarded) taken within three years of the date when this right might be enjoyed is subject to a statute of limitations.”

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