Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Macedonia – 2021

Benchmarking Employee Benefits in Macedonia 2021This 2021 market and benchmark insight report for Macedonia is an easy way to get the fundamental information you need to know about offering employee benefits in the country. The report is prepared by Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in Macedonia, MAI CEE. The material is easy to understand and gives you a solid footing to help you move forward confidently with your decisions about the benefits you want to offer employees in Macedonia.

Inside the report, you’ll find details about benchmarking employee benefits in Macedonia for 2021 including:

  • Statutory Benefits
  • Insured Benefits
  • Fringe Benefits and Perks
  • Plan Setup
  • Onboarding

The following is an excerpt.

 Health Insurance

Health insurance for employees consists of mandatory health insurance, defined by the law on health insurance. As an integrated part of social contributions, even though the individual employees are defined as contributors, employers calculate and paying health insurance contributions on behalf of the employee. As with the pension contribution, payment is based on the gross wage, respecting the minimal and maximum base for the social contribution calculation. Currently, it is set at 7.5% of the gross wage for the employee. The transfers are directed to the fund for health insurance as the state-managed public health system. The average monthly contribution
for the Health Fund was €33 (Health Fund 2019 Annual Report). The health contributors can contribute and cover the health insurance for the family members (spouse), dependent until 18, or dependent in the process of higher education until 26.

The public health insurance covers all employees’ needs for primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare, with individual participation for health service and selected pharmaceutical goods at 20% cost-share.

Voluntary and complementary private health insurance for individual/family health coverage is available through non-life and life insurance carriers. Currently, 11 non-life companies and 5 life companies (as complementary to the life insurance) offer these policies that vary by the covered risks and insured sums.


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This information about benchmarking employee benefits in Macedonia is provided by MAI CEE, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in Macedonia.