Benchmarking Employee Benefits in the Netherlands 2022

Benchmarking Employee Benefits in the Netherlands 2022Looking to begin benchmarking employee benefits in the Netherlands for 2022? Start with Asinta’s Market & Benchmark Insight Report for the Netherlands for 2022. Asinta’s Dutch Partner Schouten Zekerheid compiled the information so it is easy to understand and assists you in moving ahead with your decisions about the benefits you will offer employees in the Netherlands.

Updates inside the report for 2022 include:

  • Page 2 – an increase in salary levels (median gross income).
  • Page 6 – a small increase in the AOW-franchise deduction for defined contribution retirement plans.
  • Page 7 – increases in disability insurance costs.

Example of details inside the report

The Dutch social security system is one of the most comprehensive in Europe.

Social security has two parts. The national insurance scheme (volksverzekeringen) and the employee insurance scheme (werknemersverzekeringen).

The national insurance schemes are General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW), Surviving Dependents Act (ANW), Long-Term Care Act (Wlz), and Child Support (Kinderbijslag).

National insurances are due when you are:
• Considered a resident of the Netherlands; or
• Subject to payroll tax in the Netherlands in respect of employment carried out in the country.

National insurances are collected through the withholding of tax from the individual.



If you have further questions about benchmarking employee benefits in the Netherlands for 2022, please contact Asinta, and we will connect you with Schouten Zekerheid’s local benefits experts.