Employee Perks in Russia

employee perks in RussiaAlthough the list of common employee perks in Russia is quite long, the most popular benefits are medical insurance, education, and service awards (not to mention mobile phones and meal vouchers, which are taken for granted).

Common employee perks in Russia include:

  • Mobile Phones — Around 97% of multinational companies provide mobile phones to all employees for business and private use.
  • Meal Vouchers — More than 70% of multinational companies provide meal allowances for employees. The typical monthly meal allowance and/or voucher amount is RUB 5,000–6,000 in Moscow and RUB 3,000–4,000 in other regions.
  • Gym Memberships — This is popular with companies with an average employee age under 30. Such companies sometimes prefer benefits of gym memberships to group medical insurance.
  • Company Cars — More than 80% of companies provide a company car to some or all executives and senior managers.
  • Education — More than 90% of multinational companies provide training and education. One third cover expenses for an MBA.
  • Transportation — If a company office is in an inconvenient location (far from the metro or train station), a scheduled corporate transport is usually provided to employees to get to and from work.
  • Service Awards — About a fourth of companies provide jubilee awards at important birthdays. Some provide retirement and a third provide length of service awards.
  • Bonus Schemes — It is very common to pay bonuses at the end of a reporting period (usually once a year, but some companies practice quarterly or semi-annual payments of bonuses) to those employees who achieved relevant KPIs.


This article about employee perks in Russia is by MAI CEE, Asinta’s employee benefits consulting Partner in Russia.