India Risk Management Updates

India risk management updatesPrudent is pleased to share the third edition of Spotlight India, which offers employers in India risk management updates among other news items. Inside you’ll learn why businesses need to be aware of their overall risk exposure and implement measures to mitigate them. Karthik Kalyanaraman, Vice President – Risk Engineering, shares his thoughts about SyncR, a universal tool developed by Prudent’s PLCE team. The tool provides a comprehensive overview of an organization’s risk exposures and identifies priority areas for critical decision-making.

Many Indian businesses altered how they approached risks during the pandemic as they continued to successfully grow their global presence. With an expected increase in demand for multinational insurance programs, learn how Indian brokers with multinational capabilities are better poised to help companies manage their risks worldwide.

Learn about the nuances and impact of the recently launched employee income protection plan from Puneet Oberoi, Assistant Vice President – Employee Benefits.

Namrata Agarwal, Vice President – Global Benefits, shares her insights on how corporates are addressing medical-related needs of their C-suite through Global Health Insurance plans.

Prudent’s Employee Benefits team brings you insights on evolving trends in virtual enrolment programs that offer choice-based plans as a part of employee benefits programs.

In the section In Focus, Jyoti Krishnan, Head – Liability Claims, discusses cyber-attacks and ransom payments along with dilemmas between paying and not paying ransom demands.


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