Coronavirus Update for Employers in Mexico

coronavirus update for employers in MexicoAsinta’s Mexican Partner, Intertec, provided this coronavirus update for employers in Mexico.

As of March 8, 2020, Mexico has a total of seven COVID-19 cases. According to Intertec, global workforce managers should also know that:

  • The government monitors travelers arriving from countries with sustained local transmission who present cold or flu symptoms.
  • Government medical professionals received comprehensive COVID-19 communication and training.
  • A massive communications campaign is out to the Mexican people on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Health and life insurance

  • All health insurance companies confirmed they cover coronavirus-related care. The sum individual, sum insured, deductible and coinsurance of the policy applies.
  • Life insurance covers coronavirus-related deaths.

Sick leave

  • The Social Security Mexican Institute (IMSS) regulates leave for pandemic or epidemic disease and manages it as any other disease.
  • The first three days of leave are 100% paid by the employer, from the fourth day forward, the IMSS pays 60% of the employee’s integrated salary, up to the employee’s recovery, or up to the employee total, and permanent disability is declared.
  • There is no policy for rest days in case of epidemics or pandemics.
  • If quarantine is in effect for a group of people, for example on cruise ships or at large gatherings, the government and their employers must issue a statement so that those affected receive special job and salary treatment.

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This coronavirus update for employers in Mexico is one of a series dedicated to helping global workforce managers navigate the evolving challenges brought on by COVID-19. Expect regular articles such as this from the Asinta Partnership as the global impact of the coronavirus unfolds.