Pedro Carranço of VisaVis Becomes Asinta Board Advisor

Pedro Carranço employee benefits consultant in PortugalPedro Carranço Of VISAVIS Seguros is an accomplished employee benefits consultant in Portugal, and is now the latest addition to the Asinta Board. Pedro is the Chief Commercial Officer at VISAVIS joining the company in 2018 after nearly 20 years working for Generali as Employee Benefits Director and Brokers Regional Manager. Prior to that he also worked at Zurich Insurance and at Gil y Carvajal & Gras Savoye. Pedro is a law graduate from the University of Lisbon and has several national and international training certificates in different areas of insurance.

“It’s an honor to have been invited to be Asinta’s Executive Board Advisor,” says Pedro. “At VISAVIS we deeply appreciate the way Asinta acts and promotes the Partnership. My appointment to the board lets VISAVIS contribute even more to the Partnership which is professionally very rewarding for us, and it benefits our mutual clients.”

Besides Portuguese, Pedro’s native language, he also speaks English, Spanish, and French. Pedro lives near Lisbon with his wife and their two daughters.

If you need an employee benefits consultant in Portugal, contact Asinta, and you will be put in touch with VISAVIS.