Trends in UK Employee Benefits 2020

trends in UK employee benefitsThe latest trends in UK employee benefits were revealed in this webinar presented by Asinta’s UK Partner Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing last week. The presentation covered everything from how the multigenerational UK workforce is impacting employers, to how COVID-19 is affecting employer-sponsored healthcare benefits.

Specific trends in UK employee benefits for 2020 include:

  • The significant reduction in the treatment and services available through private medical plans.
  • How the UK’s retirement savings gap combined with an aging population are impacting employers.
  • That ‘people risk’ (potential financial, reputation, and operational damage) can be mitigated through proper insurances and protections.
  • Financial troubles are the biggest worry for employees over anything else, and what preventive measures employers can take to curb this issue from impacting employee mental health.

Other UK employee benefits information

More EMEA employee benefit webinars coming

The UK webinar is one of several focusing on employee benefits in EMEA countries. The next webinar is focusing on Germany and will be presented by Asinta’s German Partner Profion on July 30, 2020. Registration announcements will be posted shortly to register for these sessions. Please contact Asinta if you have further questions.

Dates for the other webinars are:

France – September 17, 2020

Poland – October 1, 2020

Romania – October 15, 2020

Dubai – October 29, 2020