United Kingdom: Case Study: Wherever you go, Asinta can help

UK Case Study: Wherever you go, Asinta can help

Let’s say your business is expanding internationally at a very rapid pace. It’s hard to keep up with your local benefits let alone understand and manage benefits that are literally foreign to you. You may also have a hard time finding benefit consultants who want your international business due to a small employee population.

Not if your consultant is an Asinta Partner. Built for mid-market companies, our global reach and local expertise are the perfect fit to make managing global benefits much easier. Let’s take this UK client for example.

Global investment bank in expansion mode

Asinta’s UK Partner Punter Southall Health & Protection has a client who is growing quickly by acquisition. This award winning, London-based, global investment bank grew to 80 employees around the world in a short period of time. These employees are typically highly paid and sought-after professionals.

The client has a centralized HR function in London, with no local HR expertise in the other countries where they operate. It was very hard for the HR executive to get her head around the languages, regulations, and benefit norms for all the different countries. Luckily her benefits consultant Punter Southall Health & Protection is an Asinta Partner and had no trouble stepping in to ease her pain.

Lots to sort out, with no short cuts taken

Punter Southall Health & Protection drew up a plan based on the client’s challenges, and prioritized the countries that needed the most help. The client gave as much information to Punter Southall Health & Protection as they could on existing policies and programs.

From Europe to Asia to Oceania, the Asinta Partners began translating the policies into English and Punter Southall Health & Protection then put those benefits into context. Benchmarking was also completed to ensure policies were equitable and harmonized across countries.

Asinta put the client back in control

Asinta produced well-written and organized country guides for each of the seven countries. The client can now easily see what they have, know what it costs, and know what to do when someone joins or leaves the company.

Seven Asinta Partners are now consultants of record for the client, but the contact point remains Punter Southall Health & Protection keeping things clean and simple for the client.