United Kingdom: Punter Southall Offers Pre-Assignment Screening

Asinta’s partner in the United Kingdom & Ireland, Punter Southall, holds the belief that preparing an employee for an international assignment is vitally important to the success of the assignment as a whole.

In order to educate employees on the medical aspects of their international assignments, Punter Southall has partnered with Healix International to provide access t pre-assignment medical screening. This online tool allows the employee’s whole family to identify any potential issues related to medical care on their assignment abroad. It also helps to ensure that proper support is in place for the family while they are abroad, before the assignment even begins.

A pre-assignment screening webinar will be hosted by Punter Southall in the coming weeks. For more information please visit their website.

The above information was taken from Punter Southall Group’s International Summer Newsletter. You can find a the full text of their newsletter here.