France, Germany & United Kingdom: Global Employee Benefits Case Study

February 9, 2017:

Asinta is proud to announce that we have published another new case study! This case study focuses on PromoCell, a company based in Germany with two small additional operations in the United Kingdom and France. When legislation in both the UK and France changed, PromoCell needed to find an advisor who would help them keep their international employee benefits packages in compliance in both countries, and was willing to work with their small group size.

Asinta’s Partner in Germany, Profion, was able to get in contact with their Asinta Partners in the UK, Punter Southall, and France, GEREP. All three companies were able to work together to help PromoCell update its employee benefits packages to ensure that all of their employees, even the handful outside of Germany, continue to be provided with compliant benefits packages.

In summary:

  • Changing legislation in France and the UK caused PromoCell, a German-based company, to seek benefits advice
  • 3 Asinta Partners worked together to provide expert, local advice regarding legislation changes and compliance
  • Small group size was no obstacle to obtaining compliance for Promocell employees, regardless of their location

You can read the full PromoCell case study here!